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Sign up and get $1000 in PayPal

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How would I purchase and send an advanced present card through PayPal?
With PayPal Gifts, you can purchase and send present cards to loved ones from a wide choice of top brands, like iTunes, Lowes, Dominos Pizza, Best Buy and that's just the beginning.

We sell gift vouchers through (US) or our Facebook Marketplace store (you'll require a Facebook US account). On the Facebook Marketplace store, you can buy present cards for yourself, yet for nobody else. You can send present cards to others with the Facebook computerized birthday card.

Tina Smith

How do computerized gift vouchers from the PayPal Gifts store work?
The gift voucher comes as a code that is utilized to recover the gift voucher. We'll email it to you (assuming that you're getting it for yourself) or your beneficiary (assuming you're giving it). Our email will likewise incorporate guidelines for recovering the gift voucher.

Select the present card you might want to purchase and the worth stacked onto it
Assuming you're purchasing the present card for another person, you'll be approached to enter the beneficiary's email address, your name and a short message to be sent alongside your gift
You can then sign into PayPal to finish your buy

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